Monday, April 15, 2013

Kim Clislers

     Earlier, in the trio section of the first violence path which parted has been fingerings’ for slide. We can imagine that these denote a picturesque effect, an imitation, humorous and maybe satirical, of a particular style of playing This seems certainly to be the case with the fingers in the file of hand held bag, where the upward slides, in the context of the movement evoke the style associated with Gypsy violinists, although whether this precedes of imitates the use of portmanteau in that style must remain uncertain. “Don’t you know me?” In the court she stills tied her laces on the white tennis shoes “I’m Jane” rapidly she said and facetiously to put forth a valley ball arose the net, fortunately, it was descended right on the back as definitely as well; the ball appeared to be more and more vigilantes when she asked for the challenged after the ambiguous argument with the judge. And yet closer in between the lines, I wasn’t so sure who she had been talking with but of course my sub conscious keep telling me that something is going on in the particular tennis court right there, I have seen the two parallel lines and the virgules, and again she said she had not what I have thought she was “I’m Jane of Aragon, your daughter” so replied me “Lady Lazarus”.. That was a romance periodic drama and paranoid as I has become silent. One, two, three…it’s happen once before and I have no re[lied , so, when I realized it was humility, on her feeling of humbleness from her who made me somehow, felt that shedding. And she said “Oh! Forget it daddy”. “I don’t have so much time, myself”. And she prepared for another serve right after the one that flipped over the net. It would have been an ace in technical term if not that she had step on and spin off, the service line. An evening of that event as over, may I asked “Quit?”. Perhaps it was more like a time of demanding or pressing when father meet daughter it is insistent potential “Not yet” with force of fiction on her foot works she swung a back hand toward the ball fire on the weather reported of that day are partly cloudy and seventy-five percents chance of depression and we have it a day of our life, right after the clear sky could not insisted the dark clouds any longer while the ball smashed the far side of the line flawlessly but still good she uttered some initially last word but I didn’t hear it because the rain begin shredding its  sixty degrees storm. “Decibel” the word itself means a unit for measuring a volume of a sound time noise density ratio, it would have an equivalent of zero if we had been in the zeroing zone. The beat of both worlds; an invitation to the presentation of Jacuzzi whirlpool, an intimate domain as much to refresh her spirit after long day in the field chased and round up a goose; it’s hard to realize that she was just a dog gone day sub zero zone.         

Friday, December 21, 2012

Life's circled

  1.       The intensity has subsided when the five of us got inside for tee off this mary go round that costed us a grand batth for ticket to ride...Oh! I've goten five tickets to ride Yeah. The intensity has subsided when the five of us got inside for tee off this mary go round that costed us a grand batth for ticket to ride...Oh! I've goten five tickets to ride Yeah.The Asiatique's course faced the river Jaopraya means lord of feudal and it also means "great".The velocity have slightedly slid through my hand and one thing on my mind towards the attitude of people and latitude of the musical vicinity.It is said that PhePhe. The destination of a link since nineteenth century.Concerto No. 1 by Tchaikovsky Repulsal by Brothers Grimm. The story has begun around winter time getting closer to Christmas eve..Barbie appeared to be very charming on the figure skating and of course a birds and a bear have followed her around but she was disappeared from the palace onto the plane covered with snow..skating the hip out of the whole private skating platform attribute by snow..from dusk til almost dawn the thing had happen was that she found a little puffy bear and that's one she fond of would make this white lilttle pet Oh!..story'story. .Sweet Child O' Mine. assuming it's the fifth latitude while they both at tropical climactic high scale. Above the coconut grove that once was there it had shown in profile before they have this site of Asian's Asiatique build next to the great river,one thing is for sure they have tried to revamping the old flash of memories and I hereby congrats on bow of respectable blash.. If I were you and you know who i am this blog isn't easy to bound together the love and respect

Above only sky

Life's circled theory
Whenever ends meet that means a littl to do on the other side of the coin.Link to my fav blog. The href attribute specifies the destination of a blog "Sweet Child O' Mine.".

Asiatique pier

Ours 'lil smile o' mine.

Starring aimlessly at the sky at dusk...